This section gives information on Specialist (Autism) Mentoring and the Student Mentor Scheme available at UoB.


Specialist (Autism) Mentoring

Autistic students often benefit from having a Specialist (Autism) Mentor who is knowledgeable about autism and can meet every week to help with the specific challenges associated with university studies. This is more than a student mentor could provide. If you think that you would benefit from this more consistent and regular form of mentoring, then you can access this through the Disabled Student’s Allowance element of your Student Loan.

Peer Mentoring

You may want to consider registering for the Student Mentor Scheme. The Student Mentor Scheme at the University of Birmingham is a team of 12 current students who have been trained to provide free advice and guidance to students living in university accommodation. The student mentors are available to help you, from when you receive your accommodation offer, to moving in and throughout your time in university accommodation. This is a form of peer mentoring – as it is from fellow students. A student mentor can help you to settle in and get to know what is available on campus.

What to do next?

Register with the Disability Support Service

Questions to think about

  1. Who would I go to if I had a question? D
  2. Do I know who the key people are to help me with different types of problem, (eg. study-related/accommodation-related?
  3. Do I feel comfortable asking questions or getting help?
  4. Do I know how I would approach key people for help?
  5. How do other people help me best if I feel anxious? Is it just being available, getting in touch regularly, or by having someone to email or txt?