Disability Services

The University of Birmingham strives to be an inclusive learning community. Whatever your disability, mental health  or learning support needs, we’re here to help make sure you that you can access appropriate support to take advantage of the student university experience.


We recommend that you disclose any diagnosed condition within your application so that the university can ensure you have adjustments in place to help you study effectively. The more time the university has to prepare, the better.

Please be aware of these important points:

  • You can disclose these at any point during your studies, but it is better for you to disclose them now, so that adjustments can be in place from the start.
  • Disclosure on your application form is totally confidential and your tutor will only be made aware if you give Student Services permission to share your disclosure. If you feel you will need some support to study, please make contact with the Disability and Learning Support Service now so that they are aware of your specific circumstances.
  • You can choose to share your ‘reasonable adjustments’ plan (sometimes referred to as a RAP) with tutors and students, and you can also ask to have it revised once the course has begun and you have a better idea of what is expected.

What to do next?

Contact the Disability and Learning Support Service.

Additional information and links

The following services offer support for students

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AuVision is an online resource to inform staff about how best to support autistic students.