Accommodation at university

You need to apply for accommodation as soon as possible regardless of whether you want to stay in university accommodation or off-campus accommodation.


The University of Birmingham is a campus university, which means that teaching space and accommodation are mainly located together on one site.

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How could this affect me?

Some students want to live in shared accommodation so that they can get to know other people more easily. For others, it is important for them to have their own private space. You will usually be offered your own private bedroom even in shared accommodation, but you might be expected to share a kitchen, living room and bathroom. University accommodation offers both these options and so you need to think about what will work best for you.


What to do next?

Follow the links to have a look at the options available.

Questions to think about

Think about what your priorities will be in living away from home:-

  • Is it more important to have a completely private space, or be in some proximity to other students outside of study time?
  • Do you prefer to plan your own free time, or is better for you to have structured social activities available? (Halls of Residence usually offer the largest range of structured activities)
  • Do you want meals to be provided, or would you prefer to be self-catering?

Additional information and links

Some autistic students have found autism-only accommodation very helpful. Although this isn’t officially available through accommodation services, if you want autism-only accommodation, please communicate that to the Disability services and your disability adviser as soon as possible and something possibly could be arranged for you. If you simply want a quiet flat, there will be a way for you to request that through your application.

Living – the University’s accommodation service  

Information on the different accommodation options 

Apply online for accommodation

Accommodation for students with disabilities 

Moving into your accommodation